You would be forgiven for thinking we are all about natural products. While we do have many natural products, My Planet Natural is about safer, kinder choices for people and the planet.

Our main goals are raising awareness around conscious consumer values and providing products that are safer for you and better for the planet.

While we hold those who entirely abstain from certain lifestyle choices in high regard, we also focus on those that apply a practical ethical approach to their consumer choices. Not everyone has the discipline to be vegan but most of us are horrified by plastic pollution or mindful of animal testing.

The hope that a more flexible conscious consumerism may attract a wider group of people to change some habits – producing more productive outcomes.

We choose made with love over mass-produced – brands that have built their reputation on sustainable business values and prioritise the social, environmental, ecological and political impact of their business on people and the planet.

We believe that positive consumer change is led by brands that are working to address one or more of the elephants in the room.

Our role is unravelling the complexities of conscious consumerism without obligating people to ethical debates, claiming moral superiority or identity politics of any dominant culture. It really is not that easy to shop consciously – it is way too complexed.

My Planet Natural is for kind consumers.