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Why Conscious Consumers are Choosing the Environment Over Plastic

Why Conscious Consumers are Choosing the Environment Over Plastic.

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Conscious consumers target plastic packaging because they care about the environment?

Conscious consumers are targeting plastic packaging in their consumer and household products. Shifting to brands that are doing more to address the environmental issue of plastic waste. Brands targeting change are migrating to sustainable eco packaging – replacing traditional plastic packaging.

When you think of conscious consumerism you might think of people that only buy certified organic, chemical free, toxin free, fair-trade, palm oil-free, ethically-sourced, free-range, sustainable, eco-friendly, non-GMO products.

Well, you don’t need to be all of these to care about your environment or to be a conscious consumer.

Each day the visible destructive mountain of plastic packaging accumulating around the world is harder to ignore.

Not one of us is proud of this.

So while we consider convenience, price and brand awareness, many of us have added: “a need for a better world” to our buying considerations.

We are all too aware. We live on a planet! There is no planet B

It sustains us all, we are all part of its ecosystem.

Right now, climate change and plastic pollutions are two of the most significant discussions and challenges we all face. Both issues involve our planet and are at the forefront of business change and consumer trend.

Globally we grow, produce and consume more year on year at unprecedented rates and South East Asia is one of the frontlines in the plastic pollution battle.

You start asking yourself, how is this sustainable? What does the future look like?

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Environmental Change Era

For many of us, the constant sight of plastic in the ocean has long been unbearable. This is when I started really making my choices more thoughtfully. I can’t say I am perfect at this yet, but I am definitely more conscious.

Don’t forget I have spent my life developing my consumer behaviour like a finely tuned formula 1 race car.

I have been the focus of brands with teams of marketers focused on my every move since I was born. Am I unique or different to you? No, not at all.

So, forgive me, if it might take a while to deconstruct fully. We all start somewhere right?

Conscious Consumers Seek Companies that Care

A 2018 research article by Nielsen discusses “the rise and reach of a new era of the sustainability-focused consumer. Motivated, they are exercising their desire for a better world through the products they buy.”

It is in our purchases that we can speak most clearly for what we think is right. It really is that simple.


Plastic Packaging

For me, plastic packaging was my perfect starting point as I transition toward being more conscious with my consumerism. It was the most obvious to me personally.

Are you conscious of the packaging and waste you produce as a consumer?

Consider this, when I buy goods its packaging becomes my personal rubbish, I own it and generally have had to pay for it as well as its disposal.

Personally, that alone was hard to comprehend. I pay for rubbish? Why would I do that?

Once I dispose of my rubbish, it becomes waste.

As waste, my rubbish ceases to exist for me, I no longer own it. Game over right!

My rubbish has now become part of the collective global waste, out of sight out of mind.

I have done my part and paid for its purchase and transition to its next stage of life. Whatever that may be- sadly a large portion of my waste will long outlive us both!

There is no doubt that the introduction of plastic has had many positive impacts on society. Being able to keep food more hygienically from producer to consumer is an obvious one. Plastic was such a good solution to such problems that we stopped innovating.

Now that we are visibly facing the burden of plastic and committing future generations to that burden, many of us – consumers are now taking a different view.

Most plastic is made from non-renewable petrochemicals.

The extraction process and conversion into plastic releases carbon into the atmosphere, adding to climate change.

There are now brands challenging the existence of plastic packaging within their business head-on. They are innovating solutions into their brand and business models and conscious consumers around the world are supporting such business leadership.

At My Planet Natural we choose sustainable packaging solutions for our worldwide deliveries. We reuse packaging where practical and choose eco-friendly alternatives to stuffing solutions like plastic bubble wrap.

Despite all of our products in one way or another being conscious, we would love to say none of our products use any plastic vessel or package, but we are not there yet.

At the very least we select products with recyclable plastic, but even recycling has its shortfalls in countries with low recycle rates.

Sustainable packaging by ecostore
recycle singapore 800px

Sustainable Brands Leading Change

ecostore is a New Zealand brand and story that has reached shelves in Asia. Ecostore represent new hope for environmental leadership within the consumer market.

Raising the bar in every way possible as they tune in to conscious consumers around the world – in their pursuit for a better tomorrow. I encourage you to see what ecostore are all about.

ecostore use sustainable packaging solutions like sugar plastic. Made from a renewable source that removes carbon from our atmosphere during its production life cycle.

Just like trees, as sugarcane grows, it takes carbon out of the atmosphere.

Since ecostore migrated to sugar plastic in 2014, they have saved 4,485 tonnes of carbon from being realised into the air as a direct result of their business.

Reject plastic packaging and demand alternatives, recycling is not the answer.

Singapore’s National Environment Agency reported a 4% plastic recycling rate for 2018. Approximately 908,000 tonnes of plastic was reportedly disposed of during the same period.

When your plastic rubbish becomes waste, only a small percentage of it is returning into the production system. The lions share will become plastic waste that will live well over 100 years in the ocean or in a landfill.

environmental change is easy, it begins with every dollar you spend. Start with YOUR packaging awareness.

Say no to plastic whenever you can. Choose brands that are driving innovation in their packaging. Avoid brands heavy with single-use plastic packaging.

Become a conscious consumer

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